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About Us


Dedicated to service, quality, and dependability, Armor Lubricants is a UAE National Establishment supported by the UAE Government. As one of the fastest-growing Lubricants companies in the Middle East’s lubricant sector, the premium grease and lubricants company in UAE is also a wholesaler and distributor of premium automotive and industrial commercial lubricant products. Headquartered in Sharjah Near Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We have an international presence covering GCC, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and South America. Armor Lubricants exports superior quality products to over 49 countries worldwide.

We combine our educated sales personnel with a wide range of products to provide you with individualized solutions and great support for your automotive, commercial fleet, and industrial lubricant needs. We have a wide range of lubricants and fluids to choose from. Lubricants’ needs are met by various customized solutions, including sales consultations, and lubricants consultant services.


Armor Lubricants is a customer-focused lubricants manufacturers in UAE Near Dubai, driven by our core values of quality, reliability, and efficiency. We are committed to delivering top-quality lubricant products to our regional and global customers that exceed international best practice standards to achieve complete customer satisfaction. We aim to ensure consistent, long-term growth to become a leading player in the Middle East lubricants market by increasing operating efficiency, improving our product and service quality, and delivering the latest technologies to provide total lubricant solutions and become the lubricants partner of choice.

Armor Lubricants Sharjah Economic Excellence Award

Our Mission

Armor Lubricants aims to be at the top of its client’s considerations providing the highest quality lubricant products and solutions. We are driven by a deep understanding of industry needs to ensure that we bring our visionary innovation to the lubricants technology space both in the UAE and to our global customers.

Our Product Certifications and Recognition

Armor Lubricants Company in UAE is located in Sharjah Near Dubai, and is registered by the UAE Ministry of Economy. It has a capacity of 50,000 MT Per Annum for blending and filling lubricants. We offer an expensive inventory of raw materials and specialize in custom-blended petroleum solvent and water-based products to meet international performance levels of automotive, industrial and marine lubricants.

We are specific in addressing the best lubricants company in UAE. We are one of the best specialty lubricants and engine oil supplier in UAE’s Lubricants market offering to help distributors operate at their best. With the help of our high-technology laboratory, we provided various oil analyses and created a new synthetic oil line. Which makes use of the most cutting-edge research and development in the area of advanced chemistry, and aims to increase the ability of lubricants to keep engine components slick, especially when temperatures are high. Our products and company are approved by the prestigious government in the UAE. The Company is highly certified for ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004, and OHSAS 18001:2007, and our products are approved by the American Petroleum Institute (API). We are certified by the Emirates Conformity Scheme (ECAS) and are OEM-approved. We have also received the prestigious Sharjah Economic Excellence Award 2013 in the Entrepreneurship Category.

"Our solutions are the result of in-depth research and development to ensure that we deliver future proof products that will serve our customers to their satisfaction in our ever-changing environment. Newer, cleaner engines and changing environmental laws are driving incredible changes in the lubricants industry. To stay ahead of these, we have long held the view that sustainable business practices go in tandem with the manufacturing process."

Certified Performance and Protection

Automotive, Industrial & Marine Lubricants You Can Trust. Guaranteed Performance

Those are just two of the reasons why Armor Lubricants is one of the fastest-growing Lubricants companies in UAE near Dubai. We look forward to engineering our lubricants that excel in quality and performance.

At Armor Lubricants, we believe that you deserve more. For that reason, we deliver in a wide range of ways. We offer:

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  • tick mark clipartBest in Quality
  • tick mark clipartEnsuring access to critical lubricants & chemicals for less.
  • tick mark clipartBest-in-Class Service
  • tick mark clipartProud of our track record in Punctual Delivery – we’ll never leave you in the lurch.
Armor Lubricants High Technology Lab

Our lubricants and specialty oils are formulated to the highest standards and manufactured with cutting-edge technology. Whether you’re maintaining an in-house fleet or serving customers, we offer certified, high-performance, reliable oils, lubricants, and chemicals that go the distance, including the best synthetic engine oil, diesel engine oil, 2 stroke oil, 4 cycle engine oil, motorcycle oil, 2 stroke outboard motor oil tc-w3, transmission fluid, brake fluid Dot 3 & Dot 4, radiator coolant antifreeze, Gear differential oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic oil, air compressor oil, cutting oil, quenching oil, turbine oil, marine oil, and specialty automotive and heavy duty greases.

Our Industry-Leading Premium Lubricant Products

Whether you’re serving customers at an automotive dealership, maintaining watercraft at a marina, or servicing a fleet of business-owned vehicles, we offer the products you want and deliver the protection you need with premium quality.

Armor Lubricants
+971 52 977 6000