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UAE Lubricants Manufacturer with Innovative Technology Formulation Engineered for Peak Performance

 Innovative german technology formulated lubricants in UAE from Armor lubricants manufacturer

Research, Development & Deployment

  • tick mark clipart Armor RD&D believes that innovation is extremely important to our manufacturing process. We (chemists, physicists, engineers, tribologists, testing and application engineers, analysts, and production experts) manufacture a comprehensive range of lubricant oils in our blending plants with high-rank virgin base oil paired up with advanced additives. Our products are eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • tick mark clipart In our Testing Laboratory, which is well-equipped and staffed by skilled R&D specialists, we do exhaustive quality inspections on all of our raw materials, intermediate products, and finished lubricants.

Cutting-Edge Technology Lubricants in UAE to Lead Industries

Armor Lubricants manufacturers in UAE push the boundaries of lubricant development, to keep pace with constant changes & challenges. Armor Lubricants symbolize certified performance and protection. We offer access to high-quality, professionally-formulated lubricants, chemicals, and other products for automotive, industrial, and marine applications. From petrol engine oil and diesel engine oil to hydraulic oil, brake fluid, radiator coolant, marine oils, greases, and specialty oils, we offer the protection you need and performance you can trust.

Unrivaled Performance:

At Armor Lubricants, we are focused on using ingenious technology in our products to extend equipment life and deliver optimum performance and Guarantee that our customers benefit from the high-quality products we are manufacturing. 

Our QC team has the best practices to elaborate excel in extreme environments, in heavy industry, and in engine performance.

End to End solution:

  • tick mark clipartThe team of Armor lubricant masters perfects direct point-to-point delivery from our factory to our customers.
  • tick mark clipartOur sales consultants work closely with leads to learn about your specific equipment and lubrication needs, recommending lubricants, application methods, usage amounts all the information required.
  • tick mark clipartIt is our commitment to manufacture Quality Lubricants in UAE and provide reliable services to our customers and distributors.
  • tick mark clipartWe continue to stay ahead of international best practices and strive to develop new formulas, refining raw materials into new products.
  • tick mark clipartArmor lubricant experts address ecological aspects, occupational safety, and sustainability throughout the development of our technology.
  • tick mark clipartWe continue to develop new formulas, refining raw materials into further new products. We ensure that no two special lubricants are alike.
  • tick mark clipartOur experts continue to address ecological aspects, occupational safety, and sustainability throughout the development of our technology.
  • tick mark clipartWe shifted our process of innovation from R&D (research & Development) to RD&D (Research, Development, & Deployment) to ensure our customers benefit from the most advanced technology.
Armor Lubricants Storage Tanks
Armor Lubricants Factory Lab
Armor Lubricants Filling and chemical tank